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6x25CM Rangefinder

Time:2017-06-10 Click:1404

Magnification :                                 6x

Objective Lens(mm):                      25

Prism:                                               Bak4 Roof  Prism

Focus System:                                 Eyepiece Lens

LensCoating:                                    Full Muti Coating

Exit Pupil:                                         3.8mm

Eyerelief:                                          12mm

Field of View:                                   at 1000 m 122m

Distancemeasured:                        15 m to 600 m:16 yds to 660 yds(for vertical object can measurefurther)

Accuracy Normalcondition:             +/- 1 m +/- 0.1%

Display:                                             LCD Indicator

Power Source:                                 3V CR2 battary X1(not included)

Dimensions:                                     115x75x45mm

Weight:                                              180g

Measurement Pattern:                     Semiconductor laser measurement (harmless to  eyes)

Laser PeakOutput Power:              33W max

1. DurableItemAccuracy :+/- 1m

2. Fast and easyto aim

3. Rain resistant

4. 10 secondresult display

5. Compact andlightweight

6. Ergonomic body

7. Antomaticshut-off after 10 seconds unattended

8. Invisible andeye-saft laser

9. Supply fromprofessional optical brand ""VISIONKING"" directly,buy forconfidence

Item Description:

New Visionkingmodel range finder!

With three modelinside:Hunting/Golf/Rain

This High-techprofessional Laser rangefinder Telescope is very duarable,and be able torapidly and accurately measure the range of the target by emittinginvisible,eye safe,and infrared energy pulses.With Visionking new Lasertechnology,the range finder has 3 model in side that user can choose it whenuse it:Turn on mode ""golf"",it will measure the golf flagas a priority,so it is will get distance faster,it will better than old rangefinder without this function;Turn on mode ""hunting"",itwill measure the animals as a priority.

Package List:

1x Visionking 6x25 range finder,

1x soft bag.