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8x42 1200 Rangefinder

Time:2017-06-11 Click:1387


This Visionking High-tech professional 8x42Laser binocular rangefinder is very duarable, and be able to rapidly andaccurately measure the range of the target by emitting invisible, eye safe, andinfrared energy pulses. The product is better than other products, because it'shas long distance vision for about 1200 meters and the material of inside ismade of metal. So it is a little bit heavy, very perfect for hunting or playing golf.


1. Measurement range: 5---1200m

2. Measurement pattern: semiconductor lasermeasurement (harmless for eyes)

3. Error in measurement: + 1m +0.1%

4 .The pattern of measurement display:Inner-vision-field LCD display

5 .Effective objective lens aperture: 42 mm

6. File coating: multiple file coating

7 .Outlet pupil diameter: 7 mm

8. Outlet pupil distance: 16 mm

9. The pattern of alignment focus: Axisfocusing adjustment

10. The telescope multiplying power: 8x

11. Vision field within 1000 m: 122 m (70of field of view)

12. The model of measurement: RAIN; RELF>150;standard model if no display

13. Mains voltage: CR2   3V (excluded)

14 .The size of the shape: 173×135×64 mm

15. Weight: 1279g



1. Accuracy: +/- 1m.

2. It is a long-range performer for 1200 meters.

3. Heavy weight for 1279g. Because the material of inside is made of metal and the material of Outside is made of rubber.  So it is durable for long time use.

4. Supply from professional optical brand ""VISIONKING"" directly, buy with confidence


Packaging details:

1x VISIONKING 8x 42 range finders,

1x soft bag,

1x wipe lens cloth,

1x user manual,

1x mirror rope.